All the staff members of the department are either guiding or pursuing research work. The research findings of the staff members are regularly presented/published in national and international conferences and journals. The faculty members have presented papers in International Conferences held in countries such as U.S.A., Hong Kong, etc. and have carried out research work in Poland. The current research activities include the following areas:

1. Environment-friendly Two-stroke Engines
2. Pollution Control of Four-stroke Diesel Engines
3. Combustion and Heat transfer studies of Diesel Engines, including spray Dynamics
4. Lean Burn Engines
5. Alternative Fuels Application for Automobiles
6. Automotive Micro Electronics
7. Re-Designing of Engines
8. Vehicle System Dynamics
9. Automotive Vibration and Fatigue
10. Innovative Suspension Systems
11. CAD application for Automotive Disc Brakes Design and Heat Transfer Analysis
12. Active Suspension System
13. Acoustic Emission in Manufacturing Process
14. Two-Stroke Engine Design Modification
15. Material Handling Problems
16. Air Motion Study in Diesel Engines