1. Two / Three / Four Wheeler Chassis Dynamometer
2. Chemiluminescence Nox Analyser
3. Digital Storage Oscilloscope Signal Explorer DL-1740 EL
4. Eddy current dynamometer of various capacities
5. Universal Engine Test Rig with four cylinder MPFI SI Engine
6. Comprehensive Engine Diagnostics System
7. FIP calibration test bench
8. Variable compression ratio Multi-fuel engine
9. NISSALCO Smoke meter
10. Crypton 290 - 5 parameter Gas Analyser
11. Combustion pressure measurement pickups and Data Acquisition System
12. Computer based Car geometry measuring equipment
13. Micro controllers and training kits for automotive electronics
14. 230kW Schenk Dynamometer
15. 11 kW Vibrometer eddy current dynamometer
16. FEXA 574GE Horiba 7 parameters exhaust gas analyser
17. RION Sound level meter
18. RION Vibration analyser
19. Optical wheel alignment system
20. Automotive embedded system software
21. Electrical Test Bench


The Department has a separate library of its own including a number of rare books on Automobile Engineering. It also keeps the senior students' theses and projects for the benifit of the current students.